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Come taste our cuisine!

Slupp and Swamy play wonderfully delicious styles from south-eastern Europe and further afield… and as much as we are into food, we enjoy the variety of flavours this music has to offer. Inspired by the culinary highlights of the traditional music of these regions, we also play many of our own songs, which have similar spices.

The moods these songs express can be anything from a feeling of great melancholy and yearning, to fiery ecstasy!

We’re still surprised sometimes how well our music goes down with “western” audiences. We love the beautiful moments when we feel that everyone is listening and being touched by a melody we’re playing; and happiness is definitely when a dancing audience are in one boiling soup with us, one big cloud of celebration….it's great to feel how the audience can make that fiery energy escalate. For us, that's where it's at. 

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